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10K FINISHER Coaching Program

Name of the program: Coaching program for TCS world 10K
Start date: Monday 15th March 2023
End date: Sunday 21st May 2023
Duration: 9 weeks
Program cost: INR 5999/-  4,999/-

With this year’s most looked forward to 10K event in the offing, it’s an excellent challenge for novice runners and also an opportunity for more seasoned runners to run their fastest 10K. The 6.2-mile distance strikes an ideal balance between being challenging and requiring only a few short weeks of intense training. 
Oduba’s 10K FINISHER is a well-defined coaching programme that includes 
- weekly tailored run schedules
- strength and conditioning 
- exercises
- yoga asana sessions
- broad nutrition advice…
Click the link in our bio to visit our website and register.
Brace yourself to run your first or your best 10K at the TCS World 10K!
Come, run with us aka ODUBA.

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Getting The Basics Right

Name of the program: Runners foundation program
Start date: Monday 2nd Jan 2023
End date: Sunday 5th Feb 2023
Duration: 5 weeks
Program cost: INR 1,999/-

A good test of strength and speed for more experienced runners, the 5k serves as a wonderful introduction distance for those just starting out in racing or who are new to running.
You can train more effectively to attain your goals by adhering to a well-defined coaching plan with components that are specifically customised to your current level and time goal.
We have tried-and-true training regimens for novice to experienced athletes that are tailored to a specific race time so you can concentrate on setting a new personal best.Free yourselves from slothful slumber. Join ODUBA's

5-week foundation program. A holistic fitness program that includes

·      Well-defined personalized running schedules 

·      Strength & conditioning 

·      Hydration tips

·      Yoga 

·      Meditation 

·      Nutrition tips

·      and much more…

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The time has come to renew your subscriptions.

We'll keep up our promise to give you the best workout and workshop programme, and you'll keep up your promise to attend every session on time. It's time to revive this connection to happiness.
Please click on the link above to complete the subscription procedure.

Duration: 3 Months

Subscription cost: INR 4,999/-

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