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Basic guidelines before you start

  • Why R U N?
    It is the easiest form of exercise to begin with and a voluntary physical activity. You should begin investing in regular physical activity in the form of exercises to keep yourself healthy and active. To lose weight, you decide to run. You choose to run because you want to mingle with people and meet new friends. You opt to participate in a charity event. You decide to run to challenge yourself. Whatever your motive, you may start right away if you have a pair of shoes. Start by avoiding comparing yourself to anyone else because everyone has unique goals and diverse body types that react to various coaching philosophies. Before beginning the coaching programme, it's necessary to consult your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Important note: We hope your doctor has given the go-ahead for you to start exercising and running. We hope that you just underwent a health examination and that the findings indicated that you are in normal and good health.
  • What attire to wear?
    T-shirt: Wear t-shirts that are made of soft, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. It is available in sports brands stores in the apparels sections and is normally termed as dri-fit, clima cool, dry cell or running t-shirts. They are usually made of about 80% polyester. During summer, it is advised to wear lighter colours. Avoid wearing cotton t-shirts Shorts: Most senior runners prefer shorter shorts that offer better coverage of butt and genitals while giving freedom for movements of legs. Ensure to wear one that has inners within the running shorts or you can always buy a dri-fit running inner wear and a shorts above it. Again, here too, avoid wearing cotton shorts. Ensure the elastic used and strings for tightening for the right fit are of good quality and moisture wicking fabric Shoes: These are the most important part of the accessory for running. It has to be light, flexible and have a good cushioning. The right pair of shoes can enhance your performance and prevent injuries It is advisable to wear all these attires a few times during your coachingto ensure it is comfortable and also not to try anything new on race-day!
  • How are the workout patterns?
    Warm-up exercises: Start with a ten min easy walk-jog session before you start the warm-up exercises. The warm-up exercises followed by light stretching are important as it prepares the body for the physical activity. The muscles are prepared for a greater range of motion, decreasing the chances of getting injured. The total duration of warm-up is about ten minutes Drills: It helps us become a better runner by improved co-ordination between mind and body, agility and balance. It strengthens not only the muscles, but the specific joints needs for running stronger, faster and proper form Walk-jog for beginners: For a beginner, the first 6-9 sessions of your coaching must compulsory have walk sessions. Ensure to swing your arms till the shoulder level while walking. After 2-3 weeks, then you will gradually increase pace to start jogging a comfortable distance. Follow this workout of walk-jog-run as mentioned in your respective coaching programs Run: Remember to increase the distance you run by not more than 10% a week. Have patience and ensure gradual increase in pace over time. There are various types of running like steady run, slow-long run, interval run, tempo runs etc. You will experience these as you get into advanced coaching programs. Also, avoid running on all the days. Follow the workouts as per the scheduled coaching program Cool-down stretches: These helps in retuning the body to its pre-workout state, allow to body to start the recovery process, relief from cramping, improved range of motion in the joints and a decrease in the delayed onset of muscle soreness Core workouts: These train the muscles in hips, lower back, pelvis and abdomen to work together makes the lower back stronger and it is the fastest way to flatten the abs. By working out core muscles enhances one’s ability to inhale and exhale fully and help in improved lung capacity Strength workouts: This coachingnormally involves working out with weights – body weight &/or adding additional weights that are designed to improve strength and endurance to help us run stronger and lessen the risk of getting injured
  • Why nutrition is important?
    WEBSITE PAGE: Pre-run snack ideas include a banana or a peanut butter sandwich, an energy bar with a combination of carbohydrates and proteins, or badams. While running: As a novice, take a little sip of water whenever you feel thirsty, or carry electrolytes in your hydration bottle with you on the run. Depending on how long your run will be, you may want to bring a little food like chikkis. After your run, make sure to consume protein within 20 minutes and eat a satisfying meal within an hour.
  • Why rest & recovery are suggested?
    Rest days: It is necessary for the muscles to repair, rebuild and strengthen. Also, as most of you are recreational athletes, it facilitates having better balance between home, work and our fitness goals. Depending on the coachingprogram, the number of rest days per week vary. Recovery is action taken to maximize your body’s repair that include foam rolling, ice-packs, dipping legs in warm-water with Epsom salt, getting a deep-tissue massage at regular intervals.
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