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Kaveri trial marathon

ODUBA is happy to announce a coaching program for runners to participate in the half marathon category at the "Kaveri trial marathon".

Program start date: 29th July 2023
Race date: Sunday 19th November, 2023.
Duration: 16 weeks

Register using the link provided below.
Or message at whatsapp

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Getting The Basics Right

Name of the program: Runners foundation program
Duration: 5 weeks
Program cost: INR 1,999/-

A good test of strength and speed for more experienced runners, the 5k serves as a wonderful introduction distance for those just starting out in racing or who are new to running.
You can train more effectively to attain your goals by adhering to a well-defined coaching plan with components that are specifically customised to your current level and time goal.
We have tried-and-true training regimens for novice to experienced athletes that are tailored to a specific race time so you can concentrate on setting a new personal best.Free yourselves from slothful slumber. Join ODUBA's

5-week foundation program. A holistic fitness program that includes

·      Well-defined personalized running schedules 

·      Strength & conditioning 

·      Hydration tips

·      Yoga 

·      Meditation 

·      Nutrition tips

·      and much more…

Oduba cyc 3m

The time has come to renew your subscriptions.

We'll keep up our promise to give you the best workout and workshop programme, and you'll keep up your promise to attend every session on time. It's time to revive this connection to happiness.
Please click on the link above to complete the subscription procedure.

Duration: 3 Months

Subscription cost: INR 4,999/-


​​Starting trouble??
Are these questions running in your mind?

  • I want to start running but don’t know how to start?

  • Can I start running as a form of exercise?

  • I don’t want to injure myself

  • I want to adapt to a nutritional diet 

  • I have been running but want to train and perform better

  • I love going on treks and want to work on my fitness

If so…

You have arrived at the right spot.

Image by Alexander Redl

Why RUN?
What do I wear?
Am I given a training schedule?

Oduba team has answers all your queries..


Endorsing Oduba

Thanks to continued coaching with Oduba, I was able to improve on distances ranging from 10km to mountain running and marathon in the past couple of years, without risking an injury. These successes are encouraging me to aim at new targets time and again.


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